About Us


SSince 1983, Turbo Wholesale Tire has been a trusted tire supplier, leading the industry with a keen focus and understanding of the Independent Tire Dealer. From modest beginnings, the company has evolved into a national and international supplier of its proprietary brands, while continuing to stay true to its service roots. With a 300,000 square foot facility in Irwindale, CA, Turbo remains one of the premier distributors for the California Market.

automotiveThe proliferation of sizes and specialty fitments has required a broader and deeper inventory commitment by tire suppliers, which Turbo continues to demonstrate. With over a half million square feet of combined warehouse space in the U.S. and over one million units in stock, Turbo has the tires you need, when you need them, and provides 24-hour access to secure them via our Tire Web Online Ordering System.

Turbo provides service twice a day to most service areas via its company fleet of 25+ vehicles. Turbo recognizes that in today’s Just In Time inventory environment, the ability to rely on your distributor for prompt and accurate delivery is essential. Whether customers are looking for 1 tire or 1,000, Turbo guarantees the service required to keep your business stocked and efficient.